How to search for a Spa in Lagos

Are you looking for a great spa in Lagos? We have outlined a few tips that can help you locate a great spa that will attend to all your immediate spa needs and will also provide the right ambience for you.

The easiest and probably the most acceptable way to find a spa in Lagos would be to “google it”. If you are looking for a brick and mortar spa in Lagos, type in “spa in Lagos” and see what business results come up.

After the search results show up, it is important to do some extra research like visiting their website, check to see what kind of spa treatment they offer and of

Course the cost of their services. Look around, do you like the photos of their facilities, does it look like a place you would be comfortable with?

Spa in Lagos

If you like what you see, then you could give them a call; you will be able to quickly find out a lot about the spa by interacting with the staff. Are they able to describe the treatments? Are they able to answer all your questions professionally?

You would also need to probe deeper if for instance you are looking for a spa in Lekki (i.e. a spa near you), you would have to be a lot more precise when search and type in “spa in Lekki”  or ” spa in Lekki phase one”. You can also do a quick search on “spa in Lekki price” to be able to quickly compare pricing of the different spas in the area.

Before choosing a spa in Lagos

Just before making that final decision, you need to do one more very important check and that would be to take a tour.

It is well in your right to ask for a tour before you make an appointment. A look at their hygiene practices and basically how neat the facility is would make it easier for you to make a decision. Sometimes, the treatment rooms are off limits but it won’t hurt to ask to see them. You can also observe and see the way other patrons are being treated.

Here are some quick things to consider when you’re trying to find the right spa in Lagos.

  • Did some recommend the spa? If someone you know has been to a particular spa like Amore Glam Girls Spa and they had nothing short of a great experience, then you are on the right path.
  • What kind of space would you like?Some spas can be very small while others are particularly spacious; it all largely depends on your preference.
  • Does the spa have the right skilled personnel? Probe to find out if the spa actually has the level of training they claim to have. You have to double sure they will be able to take good care of your body.
  • Who owns the spa?Is the owner heavily invested in the business? Does he/she care about your personal experience? This could a long way in making your decision easier.

Bottom line when searching for a spa in Lagos or even a spa in Lekki , if the spa meets most of  the tips stated above, then you will most probably be in good hands. Amore Glam Girls Spa is an excellent spa in Lekki phase 1 you might think of visiting.

Spa Massage and 5 benefits you can enjoy

Here is the truth; there is nothing more satisfying than a trip to the spa for a spa massage .  At Amore Glam Girls Spa,  we are indeed passionate about offering the most unforgettable and impressive pampering experience. We are your number one spa in Lekki on a path to making spa visits a way of life.

Massage spa

So, asides the usual question of where I can get a spa near me? , we get people asking what the benefits of having a  massage are. A Spa massage after a stressful week or month is a luxury that many of us love would love to indulge in, below are five benefits you can derive from visiting a spa:

1.Spa Massage helps to De-Stress

If you are under a lot of pressure from work and other daily activities, a visit to a spa is a tested and trusted way to relax and de-stress. A spa massage will help you unwind, take a break and really clear your mind from everything that could cause stress.  You will leave feeling lighter and ready to take up any new challenge.

2. Get better sleep

If you are suffering from insomnia, then one of the benefits of having a spa massage is that a visit to the spa can help you catch the needed sleep to reboot the body. A spa massage will totally relax all the muscles on your body and help lower your blood pressure. You will have a healthy heart rate which will no doubt help you fall asleep quickly.

3. Spa massage relieves aches and pains

There exist different reasons why some people many experience aches and pains all over or on some part of their body. For some people, it could be due to excessive exercise, for some it could be a terrible chair they seat on for long hours on end, or for some they use a mattress that does have good lumbar support. Whatever the case may be, an easy and effective way to ease these pains would be to have a massage.

We offer different types of spa massage that my interest you, from our popular Swedish massage to our deep muscle massage you are sure to get some relieve. Visit our spa massage article for more information.

4.Helps with weight loss

Although it has not been clinically proven, there exists a relationship with massage and losing weight. For some spa massage treatments, the skin pore is open and this in effect helps the body to burn off calories. Fatty tissues can also be broken down when pressure is applied on the skin.

It is still yet to proven to the letter but indications are that weight loss could be achieved with spa massage.

5.Improves blood flow and circulation

Today’s ageing population now how to deal with too high or too low blood pressure values. Visiting the spa regularly is a actually a fantastic way to regulate your blood pressure and also improve the circulation of blood in your body. When you have your blood pressure and circulation under control, you tend to live a far more healthy life.

The Different Types of Spa Treatment

A lot of people in Nigeria think of spa and spa treatment as massage and probably facials but in actual practice there exists different types of spa treatment one can undergo when you visit a spa. There are treatments that cover the whole body; there are treatment of for the hands and feet (manicure and pedicure).  Let’s take a look at the different types of spa treatment there are:

Spa Treatment

Facial  Spa Treatment

Different kinds of facial treatments have evolved over the years which have laid claims to being able to treat all facial problems, if you are lucky to get someone who knows their onions when it comes to facial treatment, you will be good for it, otherwise you would waste money and even damage your skin.

Facial treatments vary depending on symptoms, skin type and the type of treatment used. The different types of facial treatments are:

  • Photofacials which helps clear fine lines, wrinkles, scars from acne, sun burns etc.
  • Chemical peels which helps to remove the top layer of the skin using a chemical solution
  • Microdermabrasion which also helps to remove the top layer using tiny crystals.

Body Spa Treatment

Usually, when we talk about the different types of spa treatment, what comes to mind is the body and naturally so too. There are other not so popular techniques like body polishing, body wraps, aquatherapy etc.

All these techniques have one aim and that is to improve the quality and smoothness of the skin and to also help improve the overall circulation and flow around the body.


The most popular of the different types of spa treatment is massage.  This treatment also boasts of different techniques which are for different purposes. Depending on your preference, here are some of the types of massage available:

  • Swedish massage – This is when the massage therapist uses certain kinds of massage oil using long smooth strokes of the hand over the body, this usually helps ease muscle tension.
  • Deep tissue – Is almost the same as the Swedish massage but with more intense pressure to release all muscle tension.
  • Hot stone massage – This also involves long and smooth strokes like the Swedish massage but with the use of slightly heated basalt stones.
  • Reflexology massage – This focuses mainly on the feet, pressure is applied to relex points in order to release obstacles in the body circulation.

Nail Treatment

Almost all spas offer manicure and pedicure as a service with other treatments that take care of the hands and feet. This service of course can be found in your regular saloon but cannot be as intense as the offering from a professional spa. The concentration is usually in taking care of all dead skin around the nails and also the proper polishing of the nails.

Hair Removal Spa Treatment 

Very uncommon in Nigeria under the different types of spa treatment is hair removal. Aside from the hair on the head, there is also a significant amount of hair on the other parts of the body and for some it is a big bother.

A perfect solution offered at spas is waxing, hot wax is applied onto the skin  while a cloth is laid on the wax, the cloth is quickly pulled off along with the hair that would have stuck to the wax, it is a somewhat painful process but can help remove hair on the back, chest, legs and the pubic region.

This list is not by any means extensive but covers the different kinds of spa treatment offered at Amore Glam Girls Spa, pay us a visit soon for professional spa service , you can book here .

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